“Curtis was and is a pleasure to work with and not only is a great craftsman but also is a great guy. We wanted someone we could trust to take care of all the details since the project is pretty far away from our home in Texas. He not only did an unbelievable job of managing and constructing, he is by far the most artistic builder I've ever known. I never worried that he would do the right thing and when we came across unknown issues that happen with every remodel, he always made sure I was informed and knew my options. Between he and his wife Nancy they came up with unique and very high quality finish-outs resulting in visitors remarking that our house is the most beautiful, interesting and highest quality construction they have ever seen. If you want an easy person to work with that will deliver a premiere product that people will say "wow" about, then I highly recommend Curtis McLachlan Construction.”

Tahoe Dream Home

“Curtis is a fabulous home builder. He is a mixture of craftsman, artist, designer, and builder. I have purchased and sold several homes in the last 30 years and have built three from the ground up including one where I was owner/builder. I can say without hesitation that Curtis is the best general contractor/builder I have ever come across. He has a passion for creating and building unique homes with the highest level of quality and integrity. He focuses on integrating light, sound, and texture into his homebuilding design. We literally handed over all construction and design decision making to Curtis including the selection of all interior finishes for every single room in our home (all 7,000 sf). His wife Nancy was a great partner in this process as well. We ended up with a home beyond our wildest dreams which we are absolutely in love with. I cannot recommend Curtis (McLachlan Construction) highly enough. You will end up with a unique, one of a kind, award winning home (several of Curtis's homes have won Best in Washoe County awards).”

Tahoe home remodel

“We hired Curtis McLachlan Construction to add a new 800 square foot, third floor master bedroom, dressing room, bathroom addition to our home. Curtis also transformed the main floor living room, dining room and bedroom into a fabulous great room plus adding two extra garage stalls. Curtis is a rare combination of designer, builder and problem solver. Our addition was originally designed by an architect who made several structural, practical and esthetic mistakes. Before construction began, we terminate the architect. Curtis found elegant, cost effective, solutions to all the architect's errors which were submitted to and approved by the local building authority. The end result is fabulous.”